Death is a delightful hiding place for weary beasts.

July 26, 2011

Cobb wandered the Abbey grounds after leaving Tompkins’ room. He shivered, though from the chill night air or the past few days’ events, he wasn’t sure. The mole looked up at the bell tower, so high above him. He had never been up that high, never seen what the birds did. It just wasn’t natural for a mole to be in the air, they belonged in the earth. Still, Oi moight be able to see moi farm from up there.

The mole entered the graveyard, intending to go back to the house and sleep. Instead, he ambled among the stones, touching each one that belonged to a grave he had helped dig. There were far too many for the little bit of time he had spent with the Coffincreepers.

Cobb thought of his own parents, then, buried in the family plot on their farm. They had died ten seasons ago when an illness of the lungs had swept through Redwall City and the surrounding areas. Cobb had never gotten the illness, but after his parents had died, he wished he had had it too.

He sat down on the ground and cried.

It just be too much. Oi doan’t know down from up anymore.

The mole thought about his neighbor and one-time friend Isidore. Sobs wracked his body as he realized that he was on the opposite side of the conflict. A conflict that really wasn’t Cobb’s at all. What did he care about the Abbey? He had never even been inside of it until he was thrown in the dungeon.

But there be Tamarack. The mole sniffled, trying to regain his composure, but failed at the thought of the young vixen and sobbed some more. She’m be loike a sister. She’m be th’ reason Oi’m doing any of this.

He sniffled again and stifled his tears. Cobb walked into the house and to Tam’s room. He needed to talk things out with her — find out where she stood in all this. Then he’d have a purpose, a reason to fight against Isidore, and the Abbot, and the Society.

But she wasn’t in her bed. Cobb shuffled around the house, hoping to find her reading by the embers. But she wasn’t there either. She hadn’t returned from the tunnels.

Oi’ve even failed to keep Tam safe. Cobb could feel his despair sink even lower in his stomach. He felt sick, and calm all at once.

The mole returned to Tamarack’s bedroom and removed his goggles. He laid them on her pillow and left the house.

Cobb looked down at the ground from the top of the bell tower. His vision swam and he clung to the red-stone next to him. He looked to the east, towards his family farm. He’d never see it again, now. The though brought tears to his eyes once more.

The mole stepped away from the support of the building and continued to search for his farm. At least th’ last thing Oi’ll feel is th’ earth.

Cobb closed his eyes and fell forward to the inviting ground.

Oi be sorry, Tamarack.

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